While preparing for the MBA entrance exams, most of the aspirants tend to lose focus on the most important parameter: concepts. Not having the basics clear in any of the sections of Verbal Ability, Quantitative Aptitude, Logical Reasoning, Data Interpretation, or Decision Making, leads to unfavorable results.

To bridge this gap, we have launched our preparatory classes. We lay an emphasis on the Achilles heel: the Verbal Ability section. Every classroom session at Breakspace (pre-CAT module) is an interactive one. We stress on the ‘whys' rather than the ‘whats'. We direct the efforts optimally so that one section does not become the deal-breaker in the competitive exams, and that the candidate performs consistently across sections.


An enviable CAT or XAT score, an impeccable academic record and a couple of years of work experience or, sometimes, even the lack of it, suffice in fetching an interview call from almost all elite business schools.

However, success in securing admission offers, from thereon, depends almost exclusively on one’s personality, conduct in personal interview (PI) and group discussion (GD), and performance in written ability test (WAT). While it may seem that the skills needed to outperform rivals in PI or GD or WAT are not intricately interlinked, a careful scrutiny would reveal that all of these are driven by one’s attitude, thought process, creativity, and above all, personality.

At Breakspace, we have discovered for ourselves that it is entirely possible to chisel one’s personality and fine-tune one’s ability to think creatively.





Grammar, Vocabulary, Reading Comprehensions, and Verbal Reasoning play the most vital role in this section. The questions are designed so as to check your ability to comprehend complicated essays, effortlessly spot grammatical mistakes, and reason convoluted arguments.


In the DI section, your expertise in interpreting a given dataset and answering the subsequent questions is tested. 

The LR section is divided into two parts – Verbal Reasoning and Non-verbal Reasoning. You are expected to draw conclusions using a logical approach.


This section has questions across all the modules of mathematics, ranging from number theory to trigonometry. This section requires a thorough knowledge in mathematics and tests your concepts.




Alternating between knowledge transfer and fluent interactions, a classroom session at Backspace is inspiring. Its prime objective is to help aspirants communicate thoughts effectively while developing business sense simultaneously. Constant evaluation of aspirants’ performance through regular writing assignments, JAM sessions, extempore sessions, group discussions, etc., helps create an environment of competition thus also keeping participants on their toes and expediting the learning process.


At Breakspace, we don’t believe in following the bandwagon. So, there is no generic pattern for personal interviews. All the personal interviews conducted here are institute-specific so that our students get a broad understanding of what they can expect on the day of the interview. Depending on their respective performances, we provide them personalized feedback; this ensures that they constantly evolve and eventually impress the interviewers of their dream B-School.


Over the years, we have seen candidates with brilliant academic profiles failing to express themselves in front of a group of people or pen their thoughts in limited time. Written Ability Test and Group Discussion – important selection criteria in most B-Schools – are often a roadblock for candidates. Students at Breakspace are exposed to WATs and GDs at the very onset of their preparation. After participating in multiple GDs and WATs, our students confidently ace the tests on the day of the interview.


Group Activities are integral to the pedagogy of Breakspace. Several activities and management games conducted in between the sessions are the key differentiating factors of the program. They play a crucial role in developing team-bonding and interpersonal skills, and in teaching how to maintain a calm demeanour and still bring the best out of oneself in the worst of situations. Such group activities aim to sharpen the perspectives of the participants and arm them with problem-solving skills.


We, at Breakspace, believe that every student is unique. One aspires to be an entrepreneur while another dreams of becoming an investment banker. Again, there will be someone who is focused on donning a strategy suit in a multinational company. Keeping in mind their passion and aspirations, we guide them to select the college best suited for them after thoroughly analysing their profile.


One-to-one mentoring by PPD is the cornerstone of the program. The participants of the program may avail such sessions both for simulated interviews as well as to discuss their strategies and shortcomings in the preparation for the upcoming interviews. Apart from such discussions, telephonic and video interactions are also in vogue.


Frequently Asked Questions


1. I’m not a citizen of Kolkata. May I join the program?

Yes. Keeping in mind the students in other parts of the country, we also mentor over the Internet. You may join our online program.

2. Is there a separate weekend batch for working professionals?

We schedule our batches according to the student’s requirements. For working professionals, there are weekend batches.

3. What is the duration of the program?

The duration of the program is six months. We conduct two sessions every week.

4. Do you provide study materials for CAT?

Yes, we do.

5. Do you provide guidance only for CAT, or for other MBA entrance exams as well?

We prepare aspirants for all MBA entrance exams. Apart from the sections in CAT, we also focus on sections such as Decision Making, Essay Writing, and General Knowledge.

6. Do you provide mock tests?

We provide only paper-based mock tests.​


1. What is the duration of the program?

The duration of classroom sessions is almost three months. The interview process, however, is specific to the participant and his/her interview calls. Let’s say you have your last interview on the 10th of April; we shall conduct mock interviews for you till then.

2. Is there a separate weekend batch for working professionals?

We schedule our batches according to the student's requirements. For working professionals, there are weekend batches.

3. I’m not a citizen of Kolkata. May I join the program?

Yes. Keeping in mind the students in other parts of the country, we also mentor students over the Internet. You may join our online program.

4. How are the interviews conducted?

Based on the timing preferences, our students select their interview slots and attend the interviews at the pre-decided slots. For our online students, we conduct the interviews via Skype.

5. Do you cater only to call getters from top B-Schools or all B-Schools?

We, at Breakspace, never discriminate when it comes to our students. Just as everyone is equal in the eyes of law, so are our students to us. For them, it’s not just a B-School, it’s their dream and we do our best to help them fulfill their dreams.

6. Will you guide me with the Application Editing and Statement of Purpose?

Yes. Once you become a part of the Breakspace family, editing your CV, Applications, Essays, and Statement of Purpose is our responsibility. We take it upon us to guide you throughout the admissions journey.

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