As a consultant, thinking out of the box is not an accessory but a necessity. Problem-solving and key-decision making is something consultants need to do on a day to day basis. Our ‘Consulting Decaffeinated’ program gives you a jump start in this field from the veritable ‘ground zero’. So whether you are a seasoned consultant or a novice who is looking to get into the field for the first time, you will definitely be benefitted.


General know-how on consulting which ranges from changing your attitude regarding listening and questioning to refining your problem-solving approach. This is the first stage where we try to put you into the mind space of a consultant.


We guide candidates through concepts like ‘Empathy’, ‘Security’ et al and how one can make use of these to move the negotiation process forward efficiently. There are additional sessions on effective listening, which we believe is a crucial, but underrated part of the negotiation process.


In this stage, candidates are guided through the process of building a framework for facilitating the entire process. Case studies play an important role here as learning from examples in the past helps in correcting possible mistakes in the future. They are also provided specific consulting-interviews.


This forms the final stage and here, we give the candidates an idea about the various domains of consulting. We clear out myths regarding the consulting process and also find out how the particular candidate in question fits into the greater scheme of consulting. This is, in many ways, a troubleshooting session for the candidates.

Season 1

“Your method of teaching was thought-provoking and encouraged students to think on their own. It was an interactive session wherein students learned a lot. Your fluency and presentation skills were exceptional and motivating. Students learned the importance of Communication and consulting.”


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