Bank PO 

After clearing two major hurdles of Prelims and mains written-exams, next step is the personal interview and group activity round. This round is a crucial step in the evaluation of the candidate. Candidates' communication, clarity of thought, understanding of work/academics, among others are evaluated.

At Breakspace, we help to bridge the gap between the current stage and the desired stage required for the selection.

Group Activity

We conduct group discussions on a wide range of topics to ensure that candidates don't struggle in the actual group discussions. We minutely analyze each candidates' response and work on verbal and non-verbal communication of each student. We also suggest relevant sources to improve the content.

The dynamic nature of the personal interviews makes it very important to have experience of answering a wide array of questions. We, at Breakspace, provide an unlimited number of interviews to the candidate to ensure that the candidate is equipped with the requisite skills.

Mock Interview

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