An enviable CAT or XAT score, an impeccable academic record and a couple of years of work experience or, sometimes, even the lack of it, suffice in fetching an interview call from almost all elite business schools.

However, success in securing admission offers, from thereon, depends almost exclusively on one’s personality, performance and conduct in:
1. Personal Interview (PI)
2. Group Discussion (GD)
3. Written Ability Test (WAT)

While it may seem that the skills needed to outperform rivals in PI or GD or WAT are not intricately interlinked, a careful scrutiny would reveal that all of these are driven by one’s attitude, thought process, creativity, and above all, personality.

At Breakspace, we have discovered for ourselves that it is entirely possible to chisel one’s personality and fine-tune one’s ability to think creatively.


Classroom Sessions

The objective of classroom sessions is to ensure the personal development of the students. The students are made to go through different activities in the sessions, which help in developing their soft skills. Apart from the unconventional activities, knowledge sessions are also conducted where important topics and current affairs are discussed.

The cornerstone of the program is that students get personalized mentoring.
Students receive customized guidance at every stage of their GD-PI-WAT preparation: starting from one-to-one interactions to feedback sessions to devising personalized strategies.


Personal Interview

Different institutes have different criteria of evaluation during the Personal Interview round. We provide institute specific simulated personal interviews and personalized feedback so that students can give their best during the actual interviews.


Group activities enhance experiential learning and hence we put a lot of emphasis on such activities. These activities prepare students for the life during and after the MBA program. As they say, experiential pedagogy is the best form of learning.

Group Activity

Written Ability Test
Group Discussion

Students are provided with all the types of group discussions including case-based discussions, abstract topic GDs, etc.

To improve the writing skills of students, we give daily and weekly assignments and evaluate them.

Students often face difficulties in deciding which B-School to join. There are different parameters of B-School selection and the relative importance of different parameters vary from person to person. Students are guided through this decision-making process keeping in mind their forte.





Each student is initially guided to write an impactful statement of purpose. The initial draft is edited by the mentors through multiple iterations to get the final version. 

We train students not only for admissions but also for their life in B-school and beyond. Through our unorthodox exercises, we equip students with skills that make them a better communicator, a better presenter and a better professional.



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