The term ‘marketing’ is a broad term encapsulating everything from strategy to sales. Hence, a prospective marketer needs to be equipped with very specific skill sets. Our ‘Marketing Decaffeinated’ programme equips prospective candidates to deal with the vagaries of this field and ensures that regardless of whether they are a novice or seasoned marketers, there is something for everyone here.


In this particular module, we start off with defining what a Marketer’s Attitude is and how it can be built through effective listening and questioning. We teach prospective candidates to identify how to solve problems with the help of data analytics and even give them a basic idea on how to gauge the cultural structure of the company.


In this particular module, we shift through the differences between intuitiveness and impulsiveness and how this facilitates the negotiation process. We use case studies to discuss how empathy and security are tools in the hands of a skilled marketer. We also talk about how video analysis and building interpersonal skills can help the prospective candidate get a boost in the marketing field.


Here, our main focus is on building frameworks for prospective marketers and incorporating design thinking in this analysis. We utilize guesstimates, case studies, mock marketing interviews et all to help candidates deal with a variety of stressful situations. Additionally, we give candidates some of the finer points regarding marketing presentations.


In our final module, our main thrust is on matching the candidate's pace with that of cutting edge marketing techniques (for example in the digital space). Here, we have a feedback session with the prospective candidates and talk about how he/she fits in the wider marketing world. We also give candidates a basic idea regarding the kind of roles available in this domain.

Season 1

“Your method of teaching was thought-provoking and encouraged students to think on their own. It was an interactive session wherein students learned a lot. Your fluency and presentation skills were exceptional and motivating. Students learned the importance of Communication and consulting.”


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