Getting into a dream B-school is an aspiration for many, but at Breakspace we believe that it is only the first step on the rocky road to success. Breaking open a space in one's dream company requires the candidate in question to pit his/her skills and smarts against a whole host of his/her batchmates who are from diverse fields and may possess a variety of talents.

Our Pre-Placement crasher course aims to bridge the gap between an aspirant’s current level of proficiency and requirements of one's dream job by helping the aspirant in a variety of ways including, but not limited to, body language sessions. GDs, interview handling skills etc.


Case studies and guesstimates are frequently asked in interviews, especially for consulting roles. We train students so that they can ace such interviews and develop an analytical thinking.


Clearing the GD round is very crucial in the placement process since most companies have it as an elimination round. Hence mock GDs are crucial to the preparation, so one gets accustomed to the ground rules and there is no verbal diarrhea on the D-day.


Mock interviews are taken regularly and detailed feedback is given to the students. Thereafter, the soft skills of the students are fine-tuned, so that they can improve and be prepared for the D-day.



For someone who is just entering a workplace environment, it is very important to get a headstart. Through career code analysis, we aim to ensure that the candidate's attitude and communication skills are in accordance with the corporate world. 


Season 1

“Your method of teaching was thought-provoking and encouraged students to think on their own. It was an interactive session wherein students learned a lot. Your fluency and presentation skills were exceptional and motivating. Students learned the importance of Communication and consulting.”


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