Abhilash Das

Abhilash Das

I joined Breakspace because of the fact that they offered unlimited interviews. What I did not realise at that time is how that was such a small part of the experience offered there. It was such a transformational journey that I would have difficulty in recognizing myself from 3 months back.
The mentors all worked with me and helped me in identifying my issues and gave me guidelines on how to work on them.
As for the classes and interviews, they were very all-rounding and covered each and every aspect that I needed to prepare for if I intended to crack a business school interview . And a very special mention to Shahrukh Sir for conferring on me the title of Mr. Accountant 🤣.

PS Srijan Corporate Park,

Tower 2, Unit 803,

Block GP, Sector V, Salt Lake,

Kolkata - 700 091

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