Debjit Nag

Debjit Nag

They say 'confidence is the key'. Despite that, I always used to believe that only intelligence coupled with hard-work can ace everything. Then came two seasons of utter failure and I started to realize that something was going wrong.

During April-May 2012, when my confidence-level was reaching new lows every day I came to know about 'Backspace'. It might sound like a cliched movie script, but yes - things started looking up gradually. Almost every day PPD used to say: 'Debjit, you'll end up at one of the top five B-Schools of the country'. Initially I was skeptical of his words; I just thought he was trying to console me with a ray of hope. But I never even realized how I was undergoing a transformation as an individual.

Thanks to my pure vernacular-medium background, I used to lack various attributes to crack CAT and top B-School interviews. In my opinion, three qualities are really necessary: confidence, composure and character to bell the CAT. PPD helped me achieve a right mix of all of them. I loved the way he used to set new benchmarks for me every day.

Just one year ago, I didn't even dare to dream of IIM A/B/C. But the CAT '12 results changed everything. My level of confidence reached its pinnacle when I received a host of calls. But even a great CAT score is not good enough to convert Top 3 IIM calls these days. Only a properly structured approach with in-depth preparation of as esoteric subjects as one can imagine can help one reap the benefit of years of hard-work and struggle. But when one has PPD, one should definitely stop worrying about the results. Just following PPD's instructions with sincerity can conjure magic.

I did the same and as the famous cliche goes: the rest is history.

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