Divyanshu Kumar

Divyanshu Kumar

Most institutes change the way you think but only few help you to transform it. Backspace definitely falls in the second category.

I was fortunate to be a part of Backspace's Verbospace programme and PDP. Verbospace provided me a platform for a holistic improvement in the way I approached the Verbal Ability Section. I owe my 99.3 percentile in XAT- VA to the pedagogy, numerous assignments and tests conducted under the mentorship of Partha.

Going forward with the few calls I had, namely SPJIMR, XIMB and IMT-G, the battle was only half won. But, with the excellently designed PDP and the guidance of PPD, I was able to convert all three of them. The program with its lively mock GDs, intriguing case studies and customized interviews helped me work on my strengths and develop a sound temperament before the D-day.

About Partha, I would be indebted to him for his contribution to my life as a mentor. He went beyond the definitions of a stereotyped teacher to help me in every way possible, throughout this journey. I would therefore, recommend Backspace to all those who wish to transform themselves to become humble and successful. And to be privileged as 'Backspacians for life'.

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