Gautam Poddar

Gautam Poddar

PPD has tremendous amount of patience and dedication, excellent communication skills and great ability to empathize with others. For solving any problem, one must identify the root cause of it and this is exactly what PPD does. He identifies the weaknesses present in an individual and then shows the path which one has to take in order to overcome them. All an individual has to do is to follow the given path diligently and honestly. In my quest for an institute for GDPI training, I was looking for someone who can groom me for GDPIs and not spoon-feed everything that generally every other institute does. I had many problems when it comes to verbal communication before joining the programme, but the amount of guidance, time and responses to all my queries, which I had got from PPD, was really one of a kind. I am so sure of the uniqueness of the programme offered by PPD, primarily because last year too I had taken GDPI classes from two other institutes, which from my perspective were just spoon-feeding and not trying to bring the best out of an individual. The testimony of all that I have said is that, I have already converted my XLRI call, my dream college and also the calls from two other prestigious B-schools. And in contrast, last year I was not able to convert a single call despite having interview calls from similar B-schools. Last but not the least, I have always looked at him as my mentor cum friend.

PS Srijan Corporate Park,

Tower 2, Unit 803,

Block GP, Sector V, Salt Lake,

Kolkata - 700 091

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