George Banerjee

George Banerjee

It is very hard to imagine that in another 10 days, I will be leaving Backspace. But while parting, I am taking a bandwagon of memories - the way I learnt, worked, played, partied and above all grew personally and professionally will always be one the coveted assets of my life. I would be indebted to Backspace forever for an awesome teacher like PPD and many wonderful friends.

I was part of 3 programs at Backspace and I would briefly jot down the impact of each one of them:

PDP S03: I was on a mute mode before the start of PDP S03 and when the season ended, I was handling a B2B Sales role with the company I was working. I could take it up because the program taught me to open up, befriend unknown people and most importantly build relationships.

Verbospace S03: CAT 2013 Verbal Section - 50 percentile || CAT 2014 Verbal Section - 99 percentile. This is the extent of transformation that is possible under PPD's guidance in a span of just 6 months!

Breakspace S04: Since I had decent scores in all the exams that I took, I ended up with multiple calls. But it was equally difficult to prepare keeping in mind the requirements of each and every college and the program applied to. Thankfully, I had Partha to rescue me again. I also had my own share of peer learning from some of awesome participants of this programme.

I still possess the paper where PPD reviewed an essay on the very first day of this season and remarked that the season should end with an offer from a top-notch B-School. In case you want to meet a teacher who is inspirational rather than professional, you have to come to Backspace.

Thank you Backspace for shaping my life.

PS Srijan Corporate Park,

Tower 2, Unit 803,

Block GP, Sector V, Salt Lake,

Kolkata - 700 091

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