Indranil Roy

Indranil Roy

The journey at backspace has been one of the most important learning curves in my life. When I joined for my GD/PI preparations at Backspace I was skeptical about my abilities of cracking a B-school interview where minor factors can be a deciding factor between a convert and a reject. But under the able guidance and mentorship of PPD, I was able to look into every aspect of my preparation minutely and work on my shortcomings. The group GD sessions where every actions were duly noted and provided later as a feedback helped immensely to fine tune and iron out the flaws.

The PIs were an eye-opener of sorts where I came to know various facets of soft skills as well as technical knowhow which were hitherto unknown to me. What Partha does is that he ensures every candidate gets due attention and no doubt goes unanswered. This a differentiating factor between Backspace and other GD/PI prep institutes.

Fiercely original remains Partha's motto and he ensures that every task given to us, whether it be an essay, or a group sales initiative, or a case study workshop is dealt with utmost sincerity and original thoughts are appreciated and proper systematic thinking techniques are taught which proved a boon in the GD/PI rounds for the B-school interviews.

Finally, I would like to state that joining Backspace was one of the most important and fulfilling decisions which I have made in my life. The association with Backspace for every candidate is not a professional one. Backspace is a family where every member is cared for and catered to. I fondly reminisce every moment spent at Backspace and I sincerely hope that Backspace continues to kindle the creativity and talent of future Backspacians too. For me, the association with Kolkata ends for the time being, but it's an association for a lifetime with Backspace.

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