When I first decided to appear for CAT, I was very evident that a good percentile can get me an admission offer from a good college. The sphere of trance broke when I got to know that people with 100 percentile are being rejected by top institutes. When I scored a decent percentile in CAT 2017, I was very skeptical about by GDPI preparation. I was more willing to prepare my own and less willing to spend any money for this. Still, I started searching over the internet for a guide who/which can help me to cross this stage. Fortunately, I encountered the name of Breakspace. I will term it as one of my best decisions, that I called Shahrukh sir that day for enrolling in Backspace online GDPI preparation course. 


I was very confident of my preparation level and I thought that I can crack the interview easily, even the interview starts now. I was shattered when Partha sir took my first interview and I was not able to answer the basic questions. I realised how underprepared I was. But having the guidance of Shahrukh sir, Partha sir, and Aritro sir, it became really easy to face the interviews. Breakspace not only helped me to prepare for the b school interviews, but also helped me to become a better human being who can communicate in a better way, can handle different situations in a better way and also can keep her calm in pressure situations. Partha sir and Shahrukh sir's dedications to the students are beyond anyone's imagination. If I get a chance to be a part of Breakspace again, I will do that without any second thought.

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