Shubham Kasera

Shubham Kasera

When I first joined Backspace, I was very overconfident in my personal interviews but that got completely shattered down in my first class with Partha Sir. After my first class, I realised that I have a lot to learn and that I had an opportunity to learn from such highly professional teachers at Backspace. I was always among those people who had a fear from public speaking but after joining Backspace, my fear towards public speaking had vanished. I was never among those students who could attend 5-6 hours long classes without a break but when at Backspace, the classes were so interesting that I could never understand how 5-6 hours used to pass. The best part about backspace is the Facebook group it has. The circulation of information like the mock interview transcripts; current affairs etcetra was of immense help in the B-school interview selection process. Partha Sir, the person behind all of this, is a teacher who believed in knowing each person individually, he has helped almost every student in every possible way he could. I am grateful to have such a person in my life for atleast 4 months. 

I am thankful to the entire team at backspace to bring in a change within me.

PS Srijan Corporate Park,

Tower 2, Unit 803,

Block GP, Sector V, Salt Lake,

Kolkata - 700 091

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