Vanshraj Roy

Vanshraj Roy

Joining Backspace has proved to be the best decision of my life so far. I had been a part of "Verbospace" and "Breakspace". I spent almost a year here, and I will remember these days forever. Partha's unique way of teaching has awakened the warrior inside me. I enjoyed the blend of discipline and fun, and realized the meaning of "work hard and party harder" only at Backspace. Partha, the one-man army, loves like a father, punishes like a marshal, and makes fun like a true friend.

If you have aspirations for a decent management college, then this is the workshop to backspace your fear, to break your cowardly bones, and to re-energize your willpower.

Backspace has given me the opportunity to befriend with such an honest and aboveboard soul, Partha. I am and will be grateful to him for the rest of my life for whatever he does for us.

PS Srijan Corporate Park,

Tower 2, Unit 803,

Block GP, Sector V, Salt Lake,

Kolkata - 700 091

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