A resume is a candidate’s first introduction to his/her prospective employers. Not only should it be a chronicle of the candidate’s achievements, it should also be a reflection of the personality of the candidate. A shabbily presented Resume is definitely detrimental to one’s chances of landing a dream job. 
We, at Breakspace, provide professional Resume making services to help you break open a space in your dream company.

Sample Resumes

Our Sample CV module is a means by which we showcase 'best practices' in CV editing to the candidates. In this module, students are given basic guidelines according to which their CVs should be crafted and ensures that the student has a fair idea of the complete process.

Detailed guidelines

In this module, we get into the nitty-gritty of how an eye-catching CV comes into existence. Usage of power words, active rather than passive voice are some of the key areas which we cover here. This is the point where a prospective candidate's CV is reworked and remodeled to ensure that while the content remains the same, the ''connect' factor with an audience is amplified

Master CV Remastering

The CV is any candidate's first introduction to a prospective employer. Our Master CV module ensures that the candidate's CV is comprehensive and makes a great first impression. Our focus here is on 'impact'. The CV needs to 'hook' the viewer and ensure that the candidate is always at an advantage vis a vis his/her peers

one to one resume editing

Feedback is pivotal to the success of any endeavour. Our one-to-one resume editing module ensures that each and every CV is given personalized attention by our faculty, who have rich mentoring experience. A 'one-to-one' focus ensures that your resume has the 'Breakspace Advantage'


Season 1

“Your method of teaching was thought-provoking and encouraged students to think on their own. It was an interactive session wherein students learned a lot. Your fluency and presentation skills were exceptional and motivating. Students learned the importance of Communication and consulting.”


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