Ruchi Purohit || IIM Lucknow PGP 2013-15

There always is a gap between what we think about ourselves and how others perceive us. Mine was a case where I did not use to think high of myself. Even if I was good at something, I used to be under confident of my skills. But, then I joined PDP sessions of Backspace and like a magic these sessions backspaced my under confidence and allowed me to rediscover myself with the help of various creative sessions. I never knew that I can perform well in a team or I can wander on the streets of Kolkata for a creative task. Most importantly, I learned to give words to my thoughts, which is generally a major hurdle in Group Discussions and Personal Interviews.

In the first sentence I mentioned a gap. Partha effaced that gap by letting me know of my strengths and showing confidence in me. Since the beginning of this season, he used to tell me, 'You are for sure joining IIM Lucknow this year' and that did happen. His predictions have worked for other students too. His remarkable judgment of abilities and his sheer confidence in me ultimately made me think, 'I can do it and I am definitely joining a reputed B-School'.

Every Fridays and Saturdays, my eyes used to be glued to the FB page so that I can have an update on next day's session. Getting weekly news updates and notes on current affairs, writing essays and compulsion to submit them on time, preparing for the mock interviews, well generally three times a week (Pheww...) and working on the points of improvements suggested by Partha, all these loaded me with weapons to ensure victory in the final battle.

I scored 98.28 in CAT with 93 in VALR. Now I think that if I would've joined 'Verbospace' classes in Backspace, I would've got high percentile in VA section for sure. I had made a crucial decision of my life by joining Backspace and now I can proudly say that I am lucky to be a BACKSPACIAN.

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