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Is MBA the right path for you?

For anyone thinking of earning his/her MBA, the first and foremost question is always: Should I do it? Is earning an MBA really worth it?

Regardless of where you are on the MBA-readiness scale, don’t let anyone sway you before you’ve all the facts. Two years is a lot of time to invest. It takes a lot of energy and effort: time management, family support, extended hours, etc. They all come into play – big time. Keep in mind that you’ll have to re-prioritize a few things, at least temporarily, while you pursue your degree. But when you enrol in the right MBA program for the right reasons, it really is possible to have a life while earning your MBA.

Whichever graduate program you choose, make sure you set realistic expectations about what sacrifices and rewards it will take while when getting your master of business administration.


Alumni networking?

Broadening your education?

Developing leadership competencies?

Moving into a new job?

Career progression?

Fame and fortune?

Will earning your MBA do more than simply adding three letters behind your name?

Investing two years is asking a lot, your payoff would be great, so your desire should be even greater.

Besides growing your leadership skills and strategic planning capabilities, an MBA can position you up (is this correct?)for career progression and salary success. Of course, money isn’t everything. Earning your MBA also can help you become a more well-rounded leader. It can help you leverage your present skills and knowledge in the business environment while at the same time help you broaden – not narrow – your experience.

The result? You’ll be able to see the bigger picture and build upon that in your chosen career field.

Once you know which skills you want to focus on, you are in a better position to consider which kind of general management MBA is right for you. Careful selection of modules may enable you to strike out in new directions over the course of your career. Furthermore, you will still be able to take advantage of the alumni networks that are the hallmark of prestigious MBA programmes. On the other hand, specialized MBA programmes often lead to opportunities in niche industries such as Sports or Hospitality Management or even the very select wine business. If you want to switch to a career in an industry in which you have no previous experience, a specialized MBA might be just for you.

Richard Branson knew he wanted to be an entrepreneur at a very early age, as do many successful businesspeople in every sector of the economy. Few people, it seems, know what they want to do almost from birth and cannot wait to start doing it. If you know your strengths, whether it be in entrepreneurship, finance or general management, and more importantly, you want to build on them, pusrusing an MBA is an excellent means of achieving your goal.

The biggest question is: Is an MBA really worth it?

There are plenty of online articles and so-called “expert” opinions about whether an MBA is worth it. But the truth is, nobody can tell you if it’s worth it for you, except you.

Yes, definitely, the MBA credential is very valuable for entrepreneurs, leaders and visionaries. And most people would agree that whether you’re starting from scratch, figuring out how to find a job, or maximizing your years of work experience, education is almost always a worthwhile investment.

So, what’s the answer to the question, “Is an MBA worth it?” Only you can decide, but for many, the answer is a definite yes, yes it is.

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