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Secrets to cracking GD&PI to top IIMs

While there may not be one silver bullet that would guarantee success, over years of coaching thousands of students at over 95% success rates across all top IIMs , there are certain approaches that we have identified, which will help you ace the GD & PI sections

Your entrance exam score and undergrad academics are two of the important factors that decide whether you get that elusive GD&PI invite, fact is you cannot go back in time and change those. GD&PI assessments, unlike the main CAT examination, aren't a test of the mental ability and scores, rather they are more a reflection of your soft skills and adapting to situation , both of which (we believe) can be coached .

A confident and researched speaker can easily outsmart an academic acer who lacks the either. The personal interviews that you will attend will be a blend of both technical and candid questions, demanding both a quick-on-feet attitude and confidence. These almost rapid-fire like sessions are bound to startle you but you will have to hold your grounds still. Make sure you are well prepared for questions about your academics, extracurricular as well as your experience with life so far, and beyond.

You must also focus on presentations on body language, impression skills, and public speaking skills as these soft skills that come handy during an interview in front of a highly intimidating panel.

Coming to the GDs, communication is the skill that will make you stand out amidst your peers. You must do your research well but you must also be adept, firm, and assertive when it comes to speaking in a group. Now, many B-schools have also shifted to extempore sessions which are equally interesting and tough. These sessions can either head to a structural argument or can become chaos where nobody agrees upon the others' points. So you need to focus on the important arguments to present a well informed and structured reply.

Another thing to focus on is an engagement in a series of case study-based group discussions. These will help you in understanding the types of problem-solving assessments that you might come across post your examination.

This is where the services of Breakspace are very innovative and sufficient . At Breakspace, you receive customized and tailor-made programs designed according to a unique mix of your individual strengths and weaknesses. We work on sharpening your skills and curating new ones, for interview calls and assessments. We help you enhance your observational, interpretive, and critical-thinking which comes in handy with your quick and suitable answers.

The mentors at Breakspace teach the art of tackling competitiveness with fluent interactions via their regular writing and extempore sessions and also lay down strategies by which you can grasp the critical pointers that you must actually respond to leaving back the entire irrational forte.

The case studies provided in Breakspace revolve around ethics, marketing, HR, strategy, etc., similar to that of the default standard in leading B-schools. To no surprise, Breakspace is not just a learning classroom but an experience of a mini B-school itself. The loopholes that you might miss while only focusing on your scores are strategically identified here and met with under the guidance of IIM alumnus themselves. We prepare you to be ready for the small talks, introductions, GK questions, logical reasons, witty personal replies, time management, and everything that you might ‘find’ on-line but not learn immediately.

The journey to gaining admission in your dream B-school is not just about having theoretical knowledge but also requires a personality that is differentiated, content, and confident, and Breakspace works with you to bring out your best in each of these aspects and parameters.

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