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Tips Cracking Analytical Writing Test (AWT) & PI at IIM Ahmedabad

Indian Institutes of Management (IIMs) are the most coveted B-Schools in India. Every year lakhs of students who appear for CAT want to get in at top IIMs. Year on year, across several surveys and lists , IIM Ahmedabad has emerged at the Numero Uno School. With Alumni like Raghuram Rajan, Ajay Banga , KV Kamath and Arvind Subramanian, the school has certainly churned the top Business leaders across industries and verticals.

IIM Ahmedabad’s interview assessment uses Analytical writing test as well as one on one personal interview to finalize candidates for the final admissions. While there may not be one silver bullet that would guarantee success, over years of coaching thousands of students at over 95% success rates across all top IIMs , there are certain approaches that we have identified, which will help you ace the PI & AWT sections.

The personal interviews that you will attend will be a blend of both technical and candid questions, demanding both a quick-on-feet attitude and confidence. These almost rapid-fire like sessions are bound to startle you but you will have to hold your grounds still. Make sure you are well prepared for questions about your academics, extracurricular as well as your experience with life so far, and beyond.

You must also focus on presentations on body language, impression skills, and public speaking skills as these soft skills that come handy during an interview in front of a highly intimidating panel.

Coming to the AWTs, ideation is the skill that will make you stand out amidst your peers. Some key points for AWTs :

1. Analyse

your current level of preparation – knowledge, perspectives etc.

2. Read :

• Topics on Economics, Politics, Sociology, Philosophy, Psychology, and Environmental Issues

• Articles from sources like Editorials, Magazines, and Excerpts from the Internet

3. Reflect :

• Develop a perspective

• Read contrary views on a topic

4. Practice :

AWT has focus on content as well on structure. It is this imperative that you first focus on gathering your thoughts and then summing up in a lucid draft. Practice with multiple and diverse topics to get a good grip on the same.

The journey to gaining admission in your dream B-school is not just about having theoretical knowledge but also requires a personality that is differentiated, content, and confident, and Breakspace works with you to bring out your best in each of these aspects and parameters.

We work with you on both, aspects of improving personality and knowledge while working with you to exponentially improve your ideating and writing skills.

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