Subhadip Mukherjee || IIM Ahmedabad PGPX 2016-17

It was a bright day in March 2015 when I, deeply saddened by GMAT performance in Verbal section, decided to look for external help. I bumped into Backspace while checking through Facebook pages in which one of my acquaintance referred to it. Having gone through many eloquent reviews, I decided to meet the team and was impressed with the teacher, PPD.

With wide range of questions and a sharp focus on in-depth knowledge of the subject matter, Backspace armed me with necessary skills to ace the GMAT. Suddenly verbal questions did not seem to be as formidable as they were before. Additional classes were also allotted to spruce up theory and speed. Result of all these hard work was visible in the final exam score.

However, the battle to get a dream entry in one of the elitist business schools in India was just half won. Writing applications and preparing for interviews were equally daunting tasks. But personalized mock interviews offered by PPD were an antidote to the challenge. The mock interviews crystallized my thoughts and improved my soft skills. Also wide variety of topics was covered in mock interviews. Whenever I could not perform decently in mock interviews, PPD pressed for the need to practice more. His advice and unparalleled dedication boasted my confidence. His eye for smaller and often neglected details like hand movement, voice modulation, etc. was no doubt praiseworthy.

Armed with a wide range of interview experiences, I was able to express myself effectively during actual b-school interviews. Although topics of b-school's interviews were widely ranging, I could sense the similarity with topics already discussed during mock.

I thank Partha and entire team of Backspace for helping me to realize my dream of joining IIM-A. That I converted multiple B-schools (IIMA, IIMC) interview calls is not by luck but by sheer hard work the team backspace put on. I would strongly recommend anyone determined to join b-schools to attend Backspace Admission consulting and sharpen necessary skills to crack interviews.

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